About Dr Kievsky

Reasons For Starting Service

Cedars Tower Medical Group was founded by Alina Kievsky, MSN, NP with the understanding that a practitioners care of the patient does not end with just the correct diagnosis. A practitioner must be inexhaustibly capable of infusing into her patients insight, self-discipline, optimism and courage. Aside from unconfined clinical experience and intellectual capacity, they must possess perceptive use of their eyes, ears, hands and heart. It was shortly thereafter that Alina found her true niche in the specialized areas of primary and preventive care.


Alina Kievsky initially received her formal training and Medical Doctorate at the Kiev Medical Institute in Ukraine, Kiev. After immigrating to the United States, Alina went on to complete her U.S. medical education at Dominguez Hills Cal State University and then her clinical training in Family Practice at the world renowned Cedars Sinai Medical Center under the guidance of two of the best internal medicine and cardiology doctors in CA, Dr. Michael Neumann and Dr. Ram Dandillaya.

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